Scenic ride to work 2

Since the cruise ships have been banished from soon-to-be Barangaroo, they are now docking at White Bay.

Well that was what I first wrote and what I first thought when I spotted this, but it is definitely wrong: first, this is Glebe Island rather than White Bay, and secondly by Saturday the same ship was round at Barangarooo. See also Victor’s comment below.

The proposed White Bay terminal is dreamt of or sold as something like this.

One reason I say “dreamt” is because the picture is impossibly romantic as it does not include any buildings on Barangaroo. See the substantive link here.

I know that such ships are really just a big machine floating on the water, but the floating on the water thing still carries for me some mystery of the sea. I took the first picture from one of the last other remnants of the “working harbour,” the wharf where concrete is deliverered to Blackwattle Bay.

Then I rode around under the ANZAC bridge for this more direct shot.

Obviously, things have been quiet at work lately if I have time to do this sort of thing on my far-from-early ride in.

2 Responses to “Scenic ride to work 2”

  1. Victor Says:

    I may be wrong but I think the P&O vessel you photogrpahed was not banished from Barangaroo but was tied up where you saw it for a number of days whilst it underwent mechanical repairs.

  2. marcellous Says:

    V: see my [correction] – I think you are right. I did notice a definite lack of passenger activity at Glebe Island. I don’t think the banishment from Bangaroo has actually happened, and the ultimate proposal is for White Bay rather than Glebe Island.

    See this relatively recent report.

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