Ear Wurm

This Wagner stuff is really getting to me.

Each afternoon, I have a nap in the lumber room to ensure I am at my best for the (except for Das Rheingold) longish evening ahead.

The house is full of people, and so full of noises. There are water pipes which knock and, sometimes, sing. You could think of it as an urban type of forest murmur.

Yesterday, as I dozed, the pipes sang. First one note and, as the tap was tightened or (probably) loosened, another, in a descending major sixth. It could have been a C, down to an E flat. The tempo, even if perhaps a little glacial, was minim-al.

In my half-dream I was already carrying the theme on down to the next C then back up the scale to complete the [sometimes so-called] “world redemption” theme (and otherwise known as Siegfried’s love) which first appears in the last act of Siegfried! Here, in four sharps (as it appears in the final scene with Siegfried and Brünnhilde) rather than four flats (as in the first scene between Wotan and Erda) descending from G sharp to B and crotchety rather than minimal:

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