What I’m reading right now

To be precise, what I have out from the University of Sydney library:

Die Walkure [videorecording] / Richard Wagner. DUE 27-08-10 VR792.542 WAG 28 c.2
The Golden ring [videorecording] : the making of Solti’s Ring / [a BBC music documentary made in coo DUE 27-08-10 VR782.1092 WAG 1
Streichquartette Nr. 1 & 3 [sound recording] / Robert Schumann. DUE 27-08-10 CD6F SCM 2
Der Ring des Nibelungen [sound recording] / Richard Wagner. DUE 27-08-10 CD7A WAG 37
Die Walk�re [sound recording] / Richard Wagner DUE 27-08-10 CD7A WAG 11
Das Rheingold [sound recording] / Wagner. DUE 27-08-10 CD7A WAG 17
The Rhinegold = Das Rheingold / Richard Wagner. DUE 12-10-10 Renewed 1 time 782.1 W134 X 19
Siegfried / Richard Wagner. DUE 12-10-10 Renewed 1 time 782.1 W134 18
Das Rheingold [music] / von Richard Wagner ; English translation by Frederick Jameson ; version fran DUE 12-10-10 Renewed 1 time M 782.1 W134 48
The Valkyrie = Die Walk�re / Richard Wagner. DUE 12-10-10 Renewed 1 time 782.1 W134 21
Twilight of the Gods = G�tterd�mmerung / Richard Wagner. DUE 12-10-10 Renewed 1 time 782.1 W134 22
A ring for the millennium : a guide to Wagner’s der Ring des Nibelungen / by Peter Bassett. DUE 12-10-10 Renewed 1 time 782.1 W134 X 27
Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung : a companion : the full German text / with a new translation by Stewa DUE 12-10-10 Renewed 1 time 782.1 W134 56

For the most part, then it would be more accurate to say this is what I’m listening to or could be listening to right now.  Right now, Siegmund has just told Brunnhilde to give his regards to Valhalla, but he won’t be going there without Sieglinde, thanks very much.

The ones due on 27 August are from Fisher, the others from the Con library.  Sadly, I have come across in both collections remnants of the now-dispersed Music Library (rationalised out of existence from its own little world on the top of the Seymour Centre).  I wonder what happened, in particular, to its battered but not inconsequential collection of LPs?

The solitary Schumann aside, I guess it is pretty clear what I’m concentrating on just now.

Naturally, I’ve also been taking in the broadcasts from this year’s Bayreuth Festival on Sunday nights on ABC “Classic” FM.

3 Responses to “What I’m reading right now”

  1. wanderer Says:

    M, the links lead to a sign-in page for the likes of Molly Bloom, but no further. Having gone to the trouble of hyperlinking, I’m guessing you intended that we get the full monty.

    Not unsurprisingly, I’m following a similar path, with a slightly attention deficit disordered switching of recordings, today’s being the HvK Rhinegold. Most Saturday nights have been reserved for the Chereau (dvd) Ring, though this Saturday will have a different focus, if not completely unrelated theme. My companion is also Peter Bassett’s. If you come across (if not already) Bryan Magee’s Wagner and Philosophy (was The Tristan Chord), grab it.

  2. wanderer Says:

    Make the Chord.

  3. marcellous Says:


    I tried deleting the hyperlinks in a word document before pasting over (need to paste over to get the table in) but somehow I could not efface them. Too pesky to eliminate the buried HTML item by item so you are just stuck with those useless links.

    I found the Bassett surprisingly good (not meant to sound condescending). I’ve read the Magee some years ago, I’m reasonably sure.

    I’ve found, probably owing to my rather old TV and inadequate sound facilities, that I generally lack the patience to sit down and watch a DVD.

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