Blog somnolence

Has descended upon me, despite my rather long-winded outburst about Justice Palmer and Jim Byrnes last week.

I have been to some concerts, which I didn’t blog about. D and I saw a Uruguayan gay film in the Spanish Film Festival at the now sadly closed (but parking had become a difficulty) Academy Twin: we sat behind the Uruguayan consul and his family. I saw some other films in the German and Sydney film festivals. I haven’t blogged about these.

On the June long weekend D and I drove to Dungog, Gloucester Tops, Stroud (a terrible night in the pub in a room above the bar and, when the bar closed, next to the compressor) then home down the Putty Road from Singleton. Strolling into the bush just off the Putty Road on the eastern fringe of the Wollemi National Park we met an old friend (before that, a long-ago student) Db driving out with his wife and children after a camping weekend. Total coincidence! Well, I’ve blogged about that, now, but only just.

Stretching at the gym (and I haven’t blogged about that) I sustained an annoying nerve injury in my lower back which disabled my right calf, plunged my foot into pins and needles and weakened my ankle reflex. Things seem to be returning to normal on that front.

There have been other things happening in my life, but mostly pretty quotidian: nothing to trouble the world or even my few actual readers about.

Last week I finally held in my hand 2 sets of tickets to see the Ring Cycle in Shanghai in September. That’s twice through with just one night off in the middle between the cycles. I couldn’t stop myself from mentioning this as a reason why a matter could not be set down for trial in the first half of September, including that I was seeing it twice. “Well, your ears will be ringing” the judge wittily replied. I’ve started some preparatory listening and score and libretto reading to make sure I am up to speed for then, particularly as I am not sure whether there will be English as well as Chinese captions/surtitles.

4 Responses to “Blog somnolence”

  1. Victor Says:

    I’m sure times have changed since my Beijing days (1980-82).

    We were invited to a dress rehearsal of Carmen by a visiting French company under some sort of official cultural exchange program.

    Important Party Cadres were in the audience as we waited expectantly for the curtain to rise. Finally the opera got underway with the usual early chorus of women languidly making their way across the stage smoking cigarettes.

    At that point, agitated Cadres stopped the performance scandalised by these scenes of western decadence and we sat for half an hour or so as argument ensued whether the performance (and indeed entire) season should go ahead.

    Eventually the Cadres were persuaded that the opera would not bring down eastern civilisation (and more imortantly the socialist paradise) as they knew it and the performance (and season) were allowed to continue.

  2. marcellous Says:

    That’s a great story, V. There will still be plenty of cadres around, I suspect, and audience behaviour remains a bit of a concern.

  3. ken n Says:

    I doubt it M. Perhaps people of freebies from government departments but these days, party cadres don’t take much interest in this kind of stuff. Bit like Australia, really.
    Still, should be great fun.

    • marcellous Says:

      I think you are right, Ken. I was using the term “cadre” rather loosely. Doubtless there will be some cadres or their equivalents in the new China there, but it is unlikely that they will be too concerned about the Wagner (there’s no Venusberg after all). You may remember that Shanghai authorities did put the kybosh on a production of Chinese opera (Kunqu) “The Peony Pavilion” a little over 10 years ago because it didn’t meet their approval.

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