Opera Australia Annual General Meeting 2010

I have received a letter notifying me of this but I do not have it to hand right now.

I think it is to be held next Thursday (April 15) at the Opera Centre. I have been reminded of this because some people have been reading my earlier posts (1) (2) (3) on the subject of previous AGMs. My guess is that they are employees of the company who are assigned to check that the meeting is not receiving any untoward attention. This is a board which does not invite scrutiny from the company’s members any more than is strictly necessary.

I’m really putting this post up to remind me not to forget to ascertain the exact time, but to encourage the inquisitive and the conscientious to attend.

I do not think it is wise that the board should be left entirely unaccountable at the hands of the members of the company. The real shareholders of the company, in a practical sense, are those government authorities which provide it with its subventions from year to year to enable it to continue operating, but their sanctions are a relatively blunt instrument, and leave the board and its favoured appointees (which, as I have observed, includes the board itself) in a position where the rest of us are a hostage to their fortunes (that’s an allusion to Francis Bacon, in case you were wondering).

One thing which did concern me was that, as ever, members of the board who are being put up for re-election include a number of directors who may well be quite qualified but who have never been elected by the members of the company at all and, at the date of the notice of meeting, have not even attended a single meeting as directors. They have simply been appointed to fill casual vacancies by the present board.

I suspect it was ever thus. The insiders’ club lives on.

Maybe this is just envy on my part as an outsider, but that is a question for further consideration on another day.

I would encourage any eligible subscribers to become members of the company, if they are not already, and all members of the company (other than employees and those with sweetheart relationships one way another with the current executive) to attend.

And if anyone wants to put me straight about the exact date and hour, feel quite welcome.

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