J Byrne and C Taylor

Have been selected as the “talking heads” for ABC2’s series of live broadcasts of operas.

Plenty of people have complained about this, one way or another. Just what have they got to do with opera? What do they know about it?

Obviously, it’s meant to get the book-club and the yoof audience in.

I’m sure JB and CT are doing their best, but watching the interval feature of iview internet broadcast of Bliss I began to wonder if that was enough. Quizzed (just a bit tiresomely – omg, it’s opera and there’s sex!) about the sex-scenes, Merlyn Quaife explained that she was pretty much oblivious to what Kanen Breen was doing to her physically because she was too busy counting. Taylor looked wide-eyed-surprised. Byrne chimed in when the conch was passed back to her “is that a new euphemism?”


It’s at about 1 hr 46 of the broadcast.

Before that, you can see Peter Coleman-Wright wondering just how long JB will detain him. In the end he’s forced to tell her that he needs to get to the loo after 90 minutes on stage.

One Response to “J Byrne and C Taylor”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Oh my, that IS excruciating. And I haven’t even watched it yet. But now, in a train wreck sort of way, I feel I must.

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