This headline’s about you

When I started this blog I waded with fervour into all sorts of topics du jour, including whatever barrow might being pushed on the day by, say, Miranda Devine. Remember, it was the Howard era, and we were “not happy.” (Not that, when it comes to refugees and asylum seekers, I’m much happier now, but I’m beginning to direct my discontent to a wider range of my fellow Australians.)

Since then, I’ve generally lapsed into an aestheticist quietism. My urges to express my indignation about some facets of the law and to expose some other more quirky ones have both subsided. I’ve left the press alone – everyone can read the paper, after all.

But I can’t resist drawing attention to this rather neat headline in the SMH just now:

Kevin, you’re so vain: Turnbull


Just in case the allusion is lost on some of my younger readers [if any], the allusion is to a song by Carly Simon, reputedly about her ex-husband, James Taylor (though the truly tragic Wikipedia link I have given allows that it may alternatively have been Mick Jagger). Just while we’re on this topic, I’ve long thought that the accusation in the song that someone thinks the song is about them contains its own elements of vanity, as well as being a strange kind of having cake and eating it too.

2 Responses to “This headline’s about you”

  1. Gus Says:

    Just a touch or irony, no?

    BTW Miranda is waaay too easy a target. I get really quite shocked when I start agreeing with her.

  2. marcellous Says:

    Miranda is a professional stirrer. Unless directly attacked, I’ve decided it is best to leave her alone. She thrives on attention.

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