Tintin or Asterix?

According to an article I read a few years ago, you’re either for one or the other, and certain other choices line up with that. I’m a Tintin man myself, though I don’t think the rest of the hypothesis holds very well. For one thing, if you prefer Tintin, you’re supposed to be neat and tidy.

After my third concert in the SSO Prokofiev series (plus the preview at Shanghai – did I tell you I’ve recently been there?), I’m beginning to wonder if I’m a Shostakovich man myself. For me, Prokofiev’s piano sonatas are more interesting than quite a lot of his more public, symphonic music, at least going on what I heard tonight.

I might manage a more considered view later.

6 Responses to “Tintin or Asterix?”

  1. Gus Says:

    I was always Asterix. What does that mean?

  2. marcellous Says:

    You have to click the link, Gus!

    To tell the truth, I think in my case it is more a question of age: Tintin was the comic that some richer friends (to be fair, they were also an older and larger family) had just about the whole run of when I was of the age to be captivated by such things. For me, Asterix turned up just a little later.

  3. Legal Eagle Says:

    Asterix for me.

  4. Yvonne Says:

    Hmm. I like Tintin and Asterix equally. That makes perfect sense because I am both meticulous and outspoken. On the other hand, it’s Prokofiev all the way, no doubt about it!

  5. marcellous Says:


    Good to see at least one reader actually clicked on the link.

    As to Prok/Shost, I shall be so impertinent as to say that I would be tempted to say that your preference is like the usual musician’s enthusiasm for the latest piece or actor’s for the present role, were it not for your love of the dance.

  6. SSO – “Russian Magic” « Stumbling on melons Says:

    […] truthful answer is to simply say that they are different from each other. To hearken back to an earlier post, I think I still prefer Shostakovich to Prokofiev – but that is me rather than them. In fact, […]

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