Avenue Q & The Founding of a Republic

On Friday night to see Avenue Q at the Theatre Royal.

It’s taken a while for this show to reach Australia. Had D (who is still away) been in town we would almost certainly have gone to see this earlier, as we’ve enjoyed some of the better-known songs on you-tube and the premiss (muppets and sesame street for young adults) is beguiling. The “Q” is a take on the alphabetical avenues of Manhattan, though the plot does have a gay angle which was thought sufficient to warrant an ACON preview gala and ACON volunteers collecting at the end (a la Priscilla).The twin announcements of the end of the Sydney run (18 October) and $50 tickets ($49.90) for all seats finally forced my hand.

I hope this discounting doesn’t mean the promoters are losing money on it. Tickets were only being sold for the stalls.

But that is too gloomy to contemplate.

The show doesn’t really pretend to be profound, but it is funny and smart and at this price I’d say pretty well irresistible if you can get to it before it closes. It is memorable without needing to be a “blockbuster.”

It is certainly better value for money than the Chinese anniversary-of-1949 spectacular, The Founding of a Republic. (建国大业). That’s the People’s Republic, of course.

This was showing in Sydney on one screen only, at Hoyts Broadway, surely by some special arrangement with the Chinese consulate (when do you see Hoyts doing single-screen releases?). Amidst numerous shots of Chairman Mao looking helmsmanish, piggy-backing children through fields of flowers, etc, the chief interest in the film for me and I suspect quite a lot of the audience, judging from their responses, turned out to be spotting the familiar faces of actors and even film directors popping up, often in quite tiny roles.

The ticket to this cost me an astounding $17 on the Monday public holiday. I don’t know if this included a holiday surcharge. Otherwise it seems that this is about what a film costs these days if you are silly enough to front a mainstream cinema unarmed with the relevant discount voucher or membership card.

One Response to “Avenue Q & The Founding of a Republic

  1. Victor Says:

    It is even worse in the so called Event Cinemas (formerly Greater Union). The one at Bondi Junction charges a full price of $18.50 for its V-max Cinemas which essentially are exactly the same as the others except they have slightly wider seats.

    So, the one film can be screening at both V-max and the other cinemas in the complex and the full charge is either $18.50 or $16.50 depending on the session.

    I use membership cards and thankfully now am entitled to seniors’ rates.

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