The jury is still out

On Monday 15 September, Justice Anthony Whealy, who has been presiding at Parramatta over Sydney’s own lengthy terrorist trial, completed his summing up. The trial itself has been going on since early last year, though the jury was only empanelled in about November.

My own informant (obviously, from what follows, on the defence side) claims that his Honour was perceptibly deflated when the foreman announced that the jury proposed to deliberate Monday to Thursday for a full (court-length) day, and only until 1pm on Fridays. How could it take them so long? Wasn’t the right verdict obvious?

The jury is still out.

There are five defendants. There has been remarkably little reportage of this trial. Once the verdicts are in, we can expect the usual flood: Hold the front page! It would be best for the press if the verdict came out on a Friday: then we can all have a big Saturday splash.


Verdict came in on Friday 16 October. All guilty. I missed any press splash as I was on the plane to Shanghai by then.

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