A varied practice


With the assistance of a very kind friend I have been tidying things up a bit in my office. Miscellaneous books have been herded into one alcove of the shelves.

Quite unintentionally, [honestly: despite the original version of this post which said “intentionally” – or at least the intention was not mine as I wasn’t doing the tidying] this produced the juxtaposition pictured above. I’m afraid I couldn’t help but blog it. Bills of exchange have a special fascination for me.

“A varied practice” is a bit of a two-edged phrase, often used in obituaries (“He had a varied practice.”) Perhaps “a wide-ranging practice” is kinder, even if it can still mean “anything he could get.” Not that I’ve had many requests in the b,b&s line, at least professionally speaking.

2 Responses to “A varied practice”

  1. Legal Eagle Says:


  2. Victor Says:

    But when you do, we expect to read about it!

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