From today’s news

1. Don’t taser the suspected petrol sniffer carrying a suspected fuel container. He may catch fire. In which case, I suppose it is just as well that the man in question was running away from police.

2. From this report:

An unborn child has become the second swine flu-related death in Queensland.

Palm Island mayor Alf Lacey said a pregnant 19-year-old woman lost her 36-week-old baby at the weekend because of swine flu complications.

At first I thought it odd that news like this came from a mayor. On further reading, I see why. We all know about the terrible state of indigenous health in Australia. So it’s not surprising that it should show up in vulnerability to swine flu, and talking about it fairly enough has a political component. Hence the mayor. There is also something else odd about the above extract which I think I should leave my few readers to spot for themselves if they choose.

One Response to “From today’s news”

  1. Thom Says:

    Hmm. A woman with a child in her womb and a 36-week-old baby. From the first par it would seem that the one in the womb died. From the second par it appears that she has managed to lose the baby that was nine months old. A double blow indeed. Is it the journalist who is being so heartless, or the mayor?

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