On holiday


D and I have made a country jaunt. We didn’t manage to get away until almost 2pm on Saturday, so only ended up getting as far as Maitland that night, though we then drove into Newcastle to catch the night life, or at least to have dinner out.

On Sunday we drove as far as we could into the Gloucester Tops (via Dungog) and stayed the night at Gloucester. On Monday we returned to Sydney via Seal Rocks and Raymond Terrace. I can’t say that Raymond Terrace lives up in any way to its prominence on destination signs and maps.

Pictured above, D’s first experience negotiating a ford. Pictured below: the sideways view from the passenger window of another ford.


A propos recent critical commentary on Opera Australia’s Acis & Galatea, I don’t accept that the pastoral should be abandoned or worked against in a production just because modern opera-goers are unlikely to be able to throw a sheep.

One Response to “On holiday”

  1. Thom Says:

    Sarcasm perhaps a little too heavily veiled. I will master that particular rhetorical device one of these days.

    I would certainly agree that working against the nature of a genre doesn’t really help anybody, whether that’s in a updated production concept or a literal/historical one.

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