Rome wasn’t built in a day 2


king st feb 09

I wrote last year about the interminable saga of the construction of the King St cycle way in the city.

As you can see from the above picture, the cycleway (I obviously can’t make my mind up about one word or two for this) has still not opened. It has been at this state, which to a lay person might seem to be practically complete, since late November or possibly early December. Before Christmas I was informed by a representative of Sydney Council that it is yet to be opened because it is not yet installed with linemarkings and the lanterns at intersections are being reviewed by the RTA. There does not appear to have been any progress since then. Trees are also to be planted in April, but this is apparently not expected to delay the opening of the cycle way.

Just how hard is it to paint a line? In any case, we’re all familiar with the sign “New work – no lines marked” so this hardly seems a critical factor.

Just what is the RTA up to?

A closer view below. It will be nice when it is finished. The “road work ahead” refers to where the whole process is being repeated for the next block, between Kent and Clarence Streets. That is meant to be finished by April, though you have to wonder about that.


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