Christmas is coming

“I can’t wait to get out of this city” said the salesperson late Saturday afternoon in Gleebooks, where I’d gone to make the first of my not very numerous Christmas present purchases.

Judging from the state of the streets as I cycled there, quite a lot of people have already got out. At our house, we are doing our best to reverse the trend. My younger sister and nephew have come from WA, my elder sister has come from London, and my father will be here for Christmas from Canberra.

With D, my younger sister and my nephew, Mq, we went to Priscilla the Musical on Friday. As my nephew is only 8, we’re not quite sure how much of this he really got, though there were only two moments, both involving Adam/Felicia, that my sister felt a bit nervous about – the first a rather raunchy dance when he first appears, and the second where he is almost raped at Coober Pedy. My sister shaded Mq’s eyes for a moment, though it didn’t turn out to be as bad as she feared.

Mq thought the funniest bit was when the locals wrote “Fuck off faggots” on the bus at Broken Hill. I expect Mq knows it’s rude (and hence, for a kid, funny) but doesn’t realise that it’s offensive. Mq also thought that Tony Sheldon, as Bernadette, was a “real woman, not like the other two.” That’s probably because s/he was always in drag. There was a bit of a pause after I put him right about Bernadette: I think he was probably trying to make sense of the relationship between Bernadette and Bill Hunter’s character. Mq sometimes calls D “uncle D” (I am always uncle [Marcellous]) but it’s not a matter where we go into any particular detail.

It’s a show I could see again, only I can’t, because it either finished last night (as some online comments suggest) or is finishing today. James Waites has written a very informative background piece/review, which is part of what prompted me finally to go before the run finished.

I did toy with taking Mq to see Cav & Pag or at least one or the other of them next month (unfortunately, they leave before The Magic Flute opens) but judging from his response to Priscilla I think that’s a luxury which might as well wait until the next time they come to Sydney, when he has a better chance of understanding what’s going on.

Earlier in the week, I had a rare (for me) trip to a suburban Local Court. There were two courts sitting: the other was taken up entirely with Children’s Court matters. My own matter languished in the list all morning, whilst the magistrate dealt with the pleas of guilty, before my self-represented opponent was ultimately successful in obtaining an adjournment.

I have had a relapse on the smoking front and went outside from time to time for a “breath of fresh air.” The bulk of my companions were the assorted “young offenders.” (Inverted commas denote possible “allegations.”) It was a sunny morning; I don’t think I would want to meet any of them on a dark night. I can’t say that their bravado or their demeanour generally inspired me with any optimism about their futures at all.

Definitely I am getting old.

One Response to “Christmas is coming”

  1. NK Says:

    I missed the chance of seeing “Priscilla – The Musical” when they came to New Zealand in July. Oh well, I just have to wait for next year…

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