Hopes dashed – a grey day


For a while I have been sniffing around for a new camera. I thought I had found what I wanted, but it was not to be had anywhere. Yesterday I got a call from the shop: they had it. This morning, I went and bought it.

I don’t rush into these things. D is always complaining about this. It took me months to make my mind up about a new bike. I have been thinking about a new camera for more than six months. I decided on this one about a month ago. I was as pleased as punch finally to get it.

I charged the battery. I was too impatient to wait till it was fully charged. I connected the lense cap. I took two pictures. I plugged the camera into the computer to look at the photos on a larger screen. They looked good. Then I put the battery back into the recharger to be charged some more. The camera was still plugged into the computer.

Then, I can’t remember exactly why, my foot caught at the cable connecting the camera to the computer and the camera snapped to the floor with a terrible smash.

I picked the camera up, and went on with whatever I was doing which had caused my foot to catch the cable. I went to lunch. Reckoning the battery must now be fully charged, I put it back in, ready to try the camera out a little more and see what I could make of the instructions.

Disaster! The LCD screen was broken. I still had work to do and so I will have to take the camera to the repairer tomorrow, but clearly this is my own fault. It’s not a matter for warranty. In any event, the nuisance value and disappointment would be the same.

This is the only picture I can show for now. It’s the view from my window without the sunset. The other picture gives a better idea of the camera’s capabilities, but as it includes a screen shot of confidential correspondence, I can’t post it here.

This is not my first bad experience with technology in recent days. On Monday night, when I came home from David and Jonathan, I accidentally put my (still off) mobile phone into the wash with my jeans. I found it, electrically glowing in the warm water, after I had exhausted all other possible locations and stopped the cycle and opened the front door to check. I’m hoping it will dry out but my expectations are not high.

I wish I could blame anybody but myself, but I can’t.

2 Responses to “Hopes dashed – a grey day”

  1. NK Says:

    Things like that happened, so don’t beat yourself up. On the bright side, this will be a good excuse for you to get a new one…

  2. marcellous Says:

    I suppose you mean an new phone, NK, and indeed, it is about time for one, though the one which now seems (as expected) to be irretrievably damaged was from China so had Chinese language capability and an extremely distinctive ringtone. The other loss is the store of numbers.

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