Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra coming to Sydney

This coming week the TSO is coming to Sydney.

I am going to all three concerts, which will be at Angel Place on 2-4 October.

The programs are:


MOZART Symphony No.29, K201
MENDELSSOHN PianoConcerto No.1
MOZART Symphony No.39, K543


MOZART Symphony No.31, K297, Paris
MENDELSSOHN Piano Concerto No.2
MOZART Symphony No.40, K550


MOZART Symphony No.35, K385, Haffner
MENDELSSOHN Violin Concerto
MOZART Symphony No.41, K551, Jupiter

As I have mentioned before, I would have preferred a little less Mozart and something else more interesting, but doubtless they are hoping to widen their appeal this way. For my money, they have more chance of attracting the cognoscenti than the general public in any event, and lower common denominator (no disrespect intended to Mozart, but there are other opportunities to hear his work) is not really the way to go.

The soloists are Kolja Blacher, violin, and Kirill Gerstein, piano, who is also playing a recital there on Oct 13 for the SSO.

I hope that the TSO manages to do a bit better in drumming up an audience than it did last year or the year before. The regional monoculture in Australian orchestral music is really something which needs to be overcome. Maybe it will help that this time the SSO is away in Italy. I have had to change my ticket to Billy Budd to make the Saturday concert.

I have heard on the grape-vine that the honeymoon period between the orchestra and their chief conductor, Lang-Lessing, has cooled somewhat. I hope that won’t show in the playing.

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