Sixteen-month review

This blog is now four months into its second year.

I have included the fourteen-month review figures in parentheses for comparison and the one-year figures in brackets.

Total Views 32,563 (24,027) [18,542]

Best Day Ever: 379 Friday 25 July 2008 (200 — Tuesday, June 10, 2008) [174 — Sunday, March 9, 2008 ]

Top Posts

Pedophile “monster” knee-jerk reaction, 3,238 views (2,287) [1,220]

The following two posts are jostling for second place

Never fall in love with a prostitute,  1,092 views (887) [712]

Pussy porn, 1,067 views (901) [813]

Most of the increase in traffic coincides with the Sydney International Piano Competition and my series of posts on that. The end of the semifinals accounts for the best day. Things have steadied quite a bit since then.

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