Old Man Sentenced

R v Carew (1927)

[from Unfit for Publication Vol 3, 1601 at 1603]

“My name is James Williams. I am a labourer. I reside at George Street North, City.

About 5.30 pm on the 10th March instant I went to the defendant’s shop at his invitation. Previous to that I had told the Police something. When I arrived at the shop [in the now Queen Victoria Building] I saw the defendant there. He said “I am busy now. Will you come back after I’ve closed up?” I then left the defendant’s premises and saw ConstableRyan.

I then returned to the defendant’s premises about ten minutes past six in company with Constable Ryan. When we arrived at the premises the defendant was standing just outside his shop in York Street. I introduced Ryan to the defendant saying in reference to Ryan “This is my cousin.” I had met Constable Ryan before and also the accused on the Saturday previous.

After introducing the Constable accused said “Will we go in and have a tune on the piano?” and the three of us entered accused’s shop through the York Street door. The defendant turned on the lights and opened the pianola, produced some rolls of music and asked Constable Ryan to “have a tune.”

Ryan then sat down and played the pianola. At the time Ryan was playing the pianola accused was putting screens across the door leading into York Street. He covered the door leading from George Streeeet with a paper screen also a big piece of paper. Ryan was still playing the pianola. It did not take very long for accused to put the screens up.

Accused then tried to kiss me.

He said “I would like to have a good time,” at the time he said that he tried to catch hold of my penis. Constable Ryan was still playing the pianola. Accused then kissed me again. He then placed his hand on my person the second time. He said in reference to Ryan “He is a lovely boy.” He said “This man is he all square, is he all right?”, that was referring to Ryan.

I said “Yes, he is all right.”

Defendant then gave Ryan some extra rolls of music and asked him to play them, and move the pianola from the wall and put all the lights out except one at the George Street end of the room. After he put those lights out he brought a chair from some other part of the building and placed it at the back of the pianola.

He then asked me to come round the back of the piano, he caught hold of me and pulled me round the back of the piano. Defendant sat on the chair. I was standing in front of him. Defendant undid the fly of my trousers and undid the top button of the fly of his trousers. He took his false teeth out. He took hold of my penis which he took out of my trousers. He was just going to put it into his mouth and I sneezed and Constable Ryan charged round the corner. He had finished playing when I sneezed. Ryan said “You dirty old mongrel. I belong to the Police. I have heard a lot about this conduct. This is the limit, I am going to arrest you.” The other police then came into the building.

Headline above from the Daily Telegraph 20 March 1924 (UfP 1606), reporting:

Joseph Carew (59) pleaded guilty to a charge of having committed a serious offence at Sydney on March 10. Mr Leslie Cannon appeared on behalf of Carew, who was sentenced to twelve months’ imprisonment with hard labour. His Honor said that if at the end of six months the report of the gaol authorities as to the conduct of the prisoner was favorable he might recommend a reduction of the sentence.

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