Domesticity IV

What is the blue beak on the end of this brush?

It is a “scraper.” For a long time, I have snubbed brushes with such a feature. Finally, the last time I had to buy one, there was no other suitable choice.

I have to swallow my disdain. Recently, I’ve taken to eating porridge. I’ve always dreaded washing up after making porridge. I dread it no longer: the scraper has come into its own. (So may we all.)

2 Responses to “Domesticity IV”

  1. The Rabbit Says:

    I am not convinced “scraper” needs speech marks. Of course, it does here, as I am quoting you.

  2. marcellous Says:

    You are probably right. After all, you are the teacher. I myself was quoting the labelling on the product and similar products which I read on many occasions without really understanding how the scraper might be of use.

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