SIPCA 12 – C19-C20 finals

On Friday night with D to the Opera House for the first of two 19th & 20th Century concerto finals.

The evening started well: we secured a free parking place! In the city, these are definitely a matter for the cognoscenti.

Tatiana Kolesova played the Saint-Saens, Tomoki Kitamura Beethoven 4 and Ran Dank Prokofiev 3.

On Saturday I returned sans D but with my friend X for the last session of the finals.

Konstantin Shamray played Prokofiev 2, Takashi Sato Beethoven 5 and Eric Zuber Tchaikovsky 1.

I am afraid I did a terrible thing. Sitting through Sato’s Beethoven which was enjoyable but not earth-shattering, I started having reservations in advance about Zuber’s Tchaikovsky. However, in truth, the reservations were more about making sure that I could make the most of my evening-scheduled attendance at Otello. Maybe I was just suffering piano-concerto fatigue, after, by then, almost 5 concerti in a row, but I came to a sudden feeling that I didn;t necessarily need to be watching a contest if I was going to see a real performance in the evening. Anyway, on reflection not without some regrets, I took a taxi home at the second interval. I listened to a bit of the Tchaikovsky on the radio in the cab, but once home I went pretty smartly to bed for a dearly-purchased nap.

It was worth it. I went to Otello refreshed.

At interval of Otello I wandered into the concert hall foyer where the winners’ presentation was taking place. One of the security guards told me he thought that Konstantin had won. After the opera, I found the same guard, who confirmed this and added that Tatiana Kolesova had come second. Ran Dank has come third.

X, for one, will not be happy. He actually said that Shamray had “broken a rule” so far as the harshness of his tone was concerned. If I were a piano and saw Shamray coming, I’d take out an AVO. But hell, a piano is just a machine, so in theory that should be no worse than anything else between consenting adults.

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