SIPCA 7 – Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia – Semi finalists


Hoang Pham
Tomoki Kitamura
Mariangela Vacatello

Takashi Sato
Miyeon Lee
Yoonsoo Rhee

Konstantin Shamray
Tatiana Kolesova
Daniil Tsvetkov

Ran Dank
Charlie Albright
Eric Zuber

Amongst other things, that makes Pham the winner of the prize for the best Australian competitor. And in terms of my previous post, so far at least it has proved possible to have both chalk and cheese.

Full schedule is now here.

4 Responses to “SIPCA 7 – Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia – Semi finalists”

  1. LadyBlogger Says:

    Interesting, isn’t it? The most Australian competitors I’ve ever seen in this competition, and only one of them makes it this far. He’s not even my favourite. I would have much preferred Yemtsov. But ah well… I also would’ve liked Sean Chen and Sergei Saratovsky.

  2. benson thomas Says:

    This is an outstanding competition and wonderful to hear but once again the competitors are required to perform not only pianistically but also to demonstrate herculean feats of memory. If the adudicators were really judging pianistic ability they should be required to listen without seeing or knowing who the competitor was and without knowing whether that competitor was using a score.

  3. Don Mannino Says:

    Great competition. But wait – isn’t this SIPCA 9?

    As in, the one after 8?

    Ran Dank
    Tomoki Kitamura
    Tatiana Kolesova
    Takashi Sato
    Konstantin Shamray
    Eric Zuber

    I like the sound of the Kawai piano best, so I’m glad to see Sato made it to the finals. :-)

  4. marcellous Says:

    The “7” simply means it is my seventh post on this subject (I’m now up to 10), which is simply “SIPCA.” I did think after a few posts that I ought to renumber them all SIPCA 9.0, SIPCA 9.1 etc, but decided that was too nerdily numerological.

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