Fourteen-month review

This blog is now two months into its second year.

I have included the first year review figures in parentheses for comparison.

Total Views 24,027 (18,542)

Best Day Ever: 200 — Tuesday, June 10, 2008 (174 — Sunday, March 9, 2008 )

Geoffrey Leonard has streaked ahead of all competitors as a subject of interest. 

As my dashboard tells me:

Top Posts

Pedophile “monster” knee-jerk reaction, 2,287 views (1,220)

Pussy porn, 901 views (813)

Never fall in love with a prostitute, 887 views (712)

(geoffrey leonard, Geoff Leonard, kim walker plagiarism)

Operation Centurion’s topicality is a further indication of the perennial obsession with sex (or as he puts it, “sexuality”)  which Jim Belshaw has regretted, though I think this is hardly limited to Australia. I expect it is common at least to all developed countries.

There is always a trickle of searches for “Icarus” and similar terms, mostly related to Auden’s poem which touches on that subject, to which I refer in my post on the movie, The Paper will be Blue.

Total views for months 13 and 14 are therefore 5,485, compared with  4,145 for months 11 and 12, 2,967 for months 9 and 10, 2,666 in months 7 and 8 and about 3,500 in months 5 and 6. This time my census point is a little early compared to the last point, so the result is a little understated.  Most of these views occurred in month 13 (my months awkwardly don’t coincide with calendar months). The figure for the calendar month of June was 3,000.  The monthly average over the 14 months as a whole now stands at about 1700 (1500).  This doesn’t include “syndicated views.”  I’ve never been too clear what they are, but I like them because they feel like a bonus.

2 Responses to “Fourteen-month review”

  1. ninglun Says:

    Should G Leonard get royalties?

    What do you think of the “possibly related posts” thing, by the way? I have turned mine off as some of them very much were “possibly”…

    Syndicated reads are people who read one of those feed things instead of the blog itself.

    Your blog is deservedly growing. :)

  2. marcellous Says:

    Not much (re the possibly related) but sometimes good for a laugh.

    I sort of guessed that was the meaning of syndicated reads but I still don’t understand how they know. Ah the mystery of the www!

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