Tent-man update

In a comment on a previous post, John has asked for more pictures and expressed his concern about “tent-man,” who sleeps rough next to the overpass over Parramatta Road on the southern side at the foot of Taverner’s Hill.

I’m niggardly with photos because they are such a big fuss to upload.  However, I can provide a pictorial update on “tent-man,” which, John will probably be glad to see, suggests some signs of life.

Above is the latest photo, taken about 10 days ago.

Below, for ease of comparison, is the photo from the previous post.

Sleeping rough in Leichardt

Though “tent-man” is clearly a creature of habit, the changed disposition of hat, left boot and tent (even allowing for the altered vantage point) indicates that he is (or was at the time of the photo) still there and is still alive and kicking.

2 Responses to “Tent-man update”

  1. John Says:

    M., thank you kindly. Although my thoughts about tent-man and the request for more photos were not really related, you have done a very neat two-birds-one-stone job.

    Nonetheless, I am still morbidly curious, and probably guilty of patronising. Tent-man may well be much more content than many, most, or even all of us.

  2. On my bike « Stumbling on melons Says:

    […] Tentman (for those who don’t click: a man who was sleeping rough just near the bridge over Parramatta Road at the foot of Taverners Hill) has either moved or been moved on. […]

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