Annual review

This blog has now turned one year old.  That’s a lot of time wasted

At the time of writing (Sunday), the position for the year was:

Total Views 18,542

Best Day Ever: 174 — Sunday, March 9, 2008

Geoffrey Leonard continues to be my most popular (in a manner of speaking) subject, followed by a misleadingly-titled post about my cat.

The dashboard now confirms this:

Top Posts

Pedophile “monster” knee-jerk reaction, 1,220 views

Pussy porn, 813 views

Never fall in love with a prostitute, 712 views

Top Searches

geoffrey leonard,  Geoff Leonard,  kim walker plagiarism

Total views for months 11 and 12 are 4,145 compared to  2,967 for months 9 and 10 and 2,666 in months 7 and 8 and about 3,500 in months 5 and 6. However, my census point is a day or so late, so I am overstating the true result.  The monthly average over the year as a whole is about 1500.

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