Peculiar usage

From the SMH’s coverage of a hostage crisis in Xi’an China, Aussies taken hostage (emphasis added):

Local Xian newspaper Hua Shang Bo reported on its website that hijacker Xia Tao, from Xian, held up the bus yesterday morning in the middle of Xian’s central Belltower Square.

He said he had an explosive device.

Police agreed to Tao’s requests to negotiate with him after he threatened to blow up the centre of the city.

He eventually released nine tourists but held the NSW woman and a translator hostage for an unknown period of time.

Chinese authorities, led by the Xian Public Security Bureau, later stormed the bus and secured the woman’s release.

Police reportedly then gave Tao another vehicle and allowed him to drive to the airport. He was executed by a sniper as he travelled to the airport three hours after the hijacking began.

The paper said security forces were pleased with the speedy resolution of the incident.

Excuse me, executed?  Try just plain killed.  But undoubtedly a speedy resolution


OK, it was a rush early version of the story, probably based on the Chinese report carelessly (or callously) translated.  A later report says:

At 12.52, as he approached a toll station near the airport, members of the bureau called out to the man to get out of the car before shooting and killing him.

Looked at another way though, maybe “executed” is the right word.

One Response to “Peculiar usage”

  1. Tom Says:

    At least there was no mention of the dreaded L word. No, not that one – Literally!

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