Bloggers’ meet-up

This was the second such occasion I have ever attended.  It was more low-key than the previous one and consequently more agreeable.  Over-all (and intending no disrespect) the bloggers present were more on the nerdy than the sassy side than the last such meet-up.

Other participants and their takes on the event can be seen on, or via:

james o’brien

the other andrew

floating life (and here)

As it was a[n?] historic occasion, I should like to take this opportunity of acknowledging the Eora people, on whose land the meet-up took place.

There is something a bit awkward about such meet-ups.  They are like blind or internet dates – will you and the others meet mutual expectations?  – will people click?  Not everyone has even read everyone else’s blog.  Lurking somewhere in the room is a barely-suppressed spirit of emulation as we dance around our respective hit counts.  Since blogging is (pace McLuhan) the medium rather than the message, it can be a bit difficult to find and/or establish the common ground: the enthusiasms pursued in blogs can be pretty personal.  Being gay or lesbian of itself is definitely only a start.  I fear I got off to a bad start with Michael because I don’t share his enthusiasm for dogs on public transport (though I do share his dislike of the black-clad transport police).  Now that I have read some of his blog I particularly regret this, since we must be just a few degrees of separation apart.  I also would love to learn how he has managed to afford so much travel!  Likewise, I never really got to talk to Panther who was at the opposite side of the table.  It was only today that I realised once again that there would have been some associative tendrils to tease out.

It probably takes a little longer for people to relax into each others’ company than the time I had available, as I had to rush off to Randwick for the last night of the film festival at about 6.30.  Still, it was good to meet everyone and I will read everyone’s blogs now with (renewed in some cases) interest quickened by personal acquaintance.

Adrian, once of Gay Erasmus, was asked after by Witty Knitter, and I was happy to be able to pass on some relatively recent news. Adrian, we miss you!

2 Responses to “Bloggers’ meet-up”

  1. ninglun Says:

    They must have finished talking about hit counts before I arrived, around ten minutes after you had left. I think. BTW, this post has, it may be said, led to a slight adjustment in my side bar now that Feb 13 has receded a little. ;)

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