Queer Screen Mardi Gras Film Festival 2 etc

The writing was on the wall.  D and I had seen too many films and our tastes were becoming jaded.  On Saturday aternoon we walked out half way through El Calentito, which was, roughly speaking, a film about a lesbian/bi/will-she-won’t-she punk girl band in Madrid in the 1980s.  I couldn’t really get into it or care enough about it, and I decided I would rather have a little more of a nap before going off to hear the SSO at 8 pm.

There were all sorts of warnings abroad about how one should not be driving into the city on account of the visiting Cunard liners, and I took these unnecessarily to heart.  Not that there wasn’t a great buzz of people about at Circular Quay just to see a big ship built for rich people.  It’s amazing really, but not really any less amazing than the thought that the Labor government was worried this time last year that it might lose office over a few traffic jams when the Queen Mary and QE2 were in town, whereas nobody seems to have even blushed about the state of town planning at Wollongong and elsewhere, which can only be described as a total fuck-up.

The concert, an all-Ravel all-orchestral program (no soloist) was enjoyable.  Ravel is something which Gelmetti does well.  The best touch was to allow the Bolero to start straight away at the end of the Pavane for a dead princess, so that it snuck up on us without any of the usual inverted commas or metaphorical (and actual) throat clearing from a point where the audience was already calmed into silence.  It is a corny piece and you couldn’t listen to it every day.  As Ravel said, there is not much music in it, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a live performance of it which has failed to make a terrific impact.

As they say when you fall off a horse, it is important to get back on as soon as possible. In that spirit, this afternoon we returned to the film festival to see Right by me – yet another coming-out film, apparently based on a story originally set in Mexico but in this case set in Thailand. Another amateurish but still charming effort (I’m a sucker for those cuties) even if, when one of the characters started saying “I forgot…” I found myself completing the sentence as “to go to acting school.”

After the film, we went to Randwick to buy a ticket for for D for the last night of the festival (D was abused on the street as a poof by some passing hoons) and then on to the wonderful Wileys Baths at Coogee for a swim (for me) and fish and chips and a walk (for D).

Only 3 more films for D and 2 more for me. This week we are branching out for some live events, and will be seeing Margaret Cho (10 pm (!) on Wed); The Pyramid (a play by a friend of ours about a closeted lesbian, her husband and their gay dog which will be my first trip to the Blacktown Performing Ars Centre) on Friday and Blowing Whistles on its last night on Sunday. On the night of the big parade itself, we will be turning our back on all of this and seeing Carmen.

After all of that calms down I suppose I had better try and do some work in order to pay for this all.

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