An odd sight

This afternoon at about 3.40 pm I spotted Justice Spigelman, Chief Justice of NSW, sitting alone in the food court in the MLC Centre eating some kind of pastry and drinking from a take-away coffee cup.  All so far unexceptional, and I rather like the demotic touch. 

What was rather odder was his reading matter.  This was a stapled set of the daily [Supreme: including courts of appeal] court list.  He appeared to read it or at least flip through it right to the end before departing. 

It’s good to know that the Chief Justice has his finger on the pulse.  Does this presage more judicial crack-downs on dilatory practitioners in the name of court productivity?

I shall keep this blog posted of any further developments or portents.

One Response to “An odd sight”

  1. O Says:

    If CJ eats MLC pastry and drinks takeaway coffee while considering the list, does he consume truffles and drink Chateau Margaux while fashioning judgments on important constitutional issues?

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