Too late

On Tuesday with D to see Keating! – The Musical.

I booked our tickets well before the recent election.  So must have practically all the rest of the audience, if the person I spoke to at the Belvoir Box Office about available seats was telling the truth.  This seems to be confirmed by Belvoir’s advertising in the foyer that tickets to next July‘s revival are avaiable to Belvoir subscribers now.

Maybe I am just getting old, but for me the music was too loud and the sound system could not cope with the volumes offered, so that the intelligibility of quite a lot of the words was compromised.  D felt the same, which just made life as a NESB Zuhörer (no satisfactory English equivalent) all the more difficult.  From remarks overheard on the way out, I don’t think we were the only ones who found the sound system unclear.

The audience knew they had a hit on their hands, and were ready to applaud practically anything.  But I couldn’t help feeling that it would have been more fun if we’d got there before the election.  The moment for nostalgia for Keating has passed for the time being at least (though it may very well return);  the cause for hating Howard, even if vindicated, has lost its immediacy.

Most of all it reminded me of those school concerts mounted by students where the principal theatrical fare is satirical impressions of teachers.  One song, “The Mateship” had Howard donning a series of “common man” disguises whilst declaring his allegiance to the doctrine of mateship (on his own particular terms for various excluded categories) and his own eligibility to be a “mate.”  This was for me the most telling satirical blow, but it would have been even more telling while he was still headmaster.

One Response to “Too late”

  1. ninglun Says:

    We didn’t have the sound system problems when we saw it at the Belvoir. And yes, way back then the show may have had more bite…

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