Six months – Review

My blogging pace has slowed a little recently – I have been trying to do some other things.

WordPress tells me just now the following:

Total Views: 8,764

Best Day Ever: 135

The curious can compare this to the two- and four-month figures here.

I think I might have 4 or 5 regular readers.  I suspect one former regular reader has scratched me off his list.

At present, Never fall in love with a prostitute is narrowly edging out Pussy porn as my most read post. A good way further back, Discipline and Punish has a determined following. In the middle, my controversial post Pedophile “monster” knee-jerk reaction beats an early but now fading hit, History Boys and Miranda. I suspect that this is because the person whose case forms the subject of P”m”k-jr likes to monitor his on-line fame or infamy on a regular basis.

5 Responses to “Six months – Review”

  1. ninglun Says:

    Not me, Marcel.

  2. ninglun Says:

    …scratched me off his list that is…

  3. marcellous Says:

    I didn’t suspect it of you, though now that I look at it again, there seems to be an awful lot of suspecting in that post.

  4. Jim Belshaw Says:

    Congrats on reaching six months. 8,746 views is not to be sneezed at.

    It’s hard to know how many regular readers one has. Some regulars like Neil or myself for that matter self-identify. There are others who do not. Some readers come almost daily, others on a less regular basis.

    The most that I can be sure of on Personal Reflections, for example, is that over the last six months I have averaged 27 return visitors per week with a slow upward trend. A few of those visitors come often, I can usually spot Neil, others are much more irregular. I know that I have lost a few over time. Based on comments, I seem to have a core group of 5 or 6.

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    […] account was more free and virtuosic, but in some ways the more classical approach by the ASQ was, I suspect, more […]

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