Rare political post

I read in today’s Herald:

“I will resign as a minister in the Howard government if there are any substantial changes or any of the changes that Julia Gillard has just flagged,” Mr Hockey told the Seven network.

Given the current prospects that the electorate is about to sack him as a minister anyway, this reminds me of that scene in Blazing Saddles where the black sheriff wards off a lynch mob by pointing a gun at his own head and threatening “Next man makes a move, the nigger gets it!”

Still, there’s plenty of wriggle-room: Mr Hockey said nothing about resigning as a minister in a Costello government, and he can always hide behind substantial changes.

On another front, I was amazed by the full-page advertisement ostensibly taken out by Lucy Turnbull in the Sydney Star Observer in support of her husband’s re-election.  This was real air-violin stuff: about a third of it was devoted to his childhood, when, after his mother, Coral Lansbury, left his father, they moved from the family home (which was a mere flat in Vaucluse) to “a small rented flat in Double Bay.”  Money was tight.”  Malcolm’s father “made a lot of sacrifices to sent Malcolm to an independent school”  [Malcolm went as a boarder to Sydney Grammar from year 3 or 4.]  Malcolm’s father was tragically killed in a light aeroplane crash in 1982 and Malcolm “ensured that a means tested scholarship was established”at Sydney Grammar, named after his father.  (The relatively early death of his mother in 1991 doesn’t rate a mention, perhaps understandably.)

And there is more: Malcolm’s success “came from hard work, making sacrifices and being supported by people who saw his potential.” [especially Kerry Packer].  Malcolm has always supported Lucy in her career choices (as if the voters should be particularly grateful for that) starting from when she was “studying for a MBA when our family was very young.”  At the other end though, Malcolm’s quest for re-election is “not about getting or keeping a job.  Malcolm has achieved everything one could hope for in these terms.”  [cue: switch from violin to trumpet.]  Obviously, no expense is being spared in his electoral campaign.

Funnily enough, I quite like Turnbull – from a distance – though I hear that this view is not shared by many who have had closer deaings with him.

On yet another front, it seems a pity that in the Senate it is likely that the voters will have to choose between Kerry Nettle and Marise Payne.  I knew them both, many years ago.  Marise has been the least-worst kind of Liberal, but I shall doing my bit all the same to vote her out.

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