30 years on

I have just received an invitation to a 30-year reunion from my old school.

This is the first time such an invitation has come from the school itself.  In the past any efforts seem to have been spearheaded by members of the year, and the responsibility seemed to have devolved as a life-time duty on our year’s School Captain (predictably, a partner at Pricewaterhouse Cooper).

Now, I have been told, he has lost interest; he has sent his son or sons to another private school.  Our year was never very school spirited.  There was an attempt (for which the same school captain was the front-man) to inaugurate a school tradition where departing year 12s gave the school a present.  We voted against this: the next year voted in favour and it has continued since.  So taken together, there may be particular reasons why this invitation has come from the school.

The reunion is to be held at Star City Casino.  Although I have reluctantly gone there to see The Producers (an over-priced disappointment) and perhaps two other times with friends who were gamblers, I am still not reconciled to the idea of a casino as a place to which sensible or respectable people resort.  Not that I place a high premium on respectability, but the school of my youth would most certainly not have chosen such a venue.

I last went to the 20-year reunion, and was intrigued to identify a small but definite circle of gay men – and not always the predictable ones.  Since then, I have learnt that another boy, famous in my memory as a bit of a jock and participant in Geography-excursion circle wanks, has crossed over from “he” to “she.”  Now I agree that is not strictly a gay issue, but it is in similar territory.

I cannot say I have kept much in touch with my school contemporaries.  Perhaps two close friendships survived school days, but not the point where each friend finally settled (in another city and in one case, another country), married and had kids.

I expect I shall go, even though those I would most like to see are least likely to be there.  There may be a report on this blog, but if so, not until some time in November.

3 Responses to “30 years on”

  1. Chiquita Says:

    Don’t waste your time. Don’t go to school reunions if your are not interested in maintaining a relationship with anybody there.

  2. marcellous Says:

    My time is not so precious. I think curiosity to see how people have turned out is enough, and I’m also sufficiently intrigued on the gay/cross-gender issue to warrant going.

  3. Chiquita Says:

    I guess that’s a good enough reason. I had such a horrible high school experience, that’s probably why I’m so anti-reunion.

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