On the weekend, Xk told me that he and his child, Qx, have finally been “granted” permanent residency.  (So now you know: the abbreviation above does not stand for “public relations” or “proportional representation.”)

I have known Xk since about 1990.  He has lived in Australia since not long before that.  Qx was born here.  For Xk, this was the end of a long struggle.  In many respects it has been a Quixotic struggle, and I can’t say I have ever felt optimistic about Xk’s prospects, even though I wrote a letter to the Minister which formed part of his last-ditch application for ministerial intervention in which he was successful.  Xk told me that Px, who has stood by Xk for as long as I have known him, cried for 10-15 minutes on hearing the news.  I can only imagine Px’s feelings: relief must have only been part of them.  Even I felt a small pricking at the back of my eyes.

There have been harbingers of a favourable decision in the past few months.  Recently Xk was permitted to work and (after all these years) given a Medicare card for himself and Qx.  I suppose the present decision is the result of the Minister clearing his desk before the impending election.  If so, the Minister may well be hoping that a batch of favourable decisions, rather like amnesties or other acts of clemency on royal birthdays or similar occasions in other countries, will send out little ripples of electoral goodwill.  I am happy for Xk and Qx, though I can’t say that my vote will be swayed.

Xk’s path to this point has not been an easy one.  It has imposed strains and costs on him and on others.  It has almost totally stalled his life (apart from raising Qx to school age) for the past 10-15 years. In describing Xk’s quest as Quixotic, I am prompted by both the prospects of its success and the question of whether success  has actually been worth the price paid.  Maybe that is not an accurate invocation of Cervantes but that is still the general territory.

Others have never got so far as Xk and Qx.  There is little justice in this, but that is really because there is so little justice in what is, in truly Orwellian terms, commonly known as “immigration law.”

2 Responses to “PR”

  1. Legal Eagle Says:

    Congratulations to Xk and Qx. I have known others who have had to go through very difficult battles to get PR. A friend’s husband had to wait many years.

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