Taking work home

On Saturday night, D and I went to see Il Trittico.  This is a trio/triptych of one-act operas by Puccini.  They are set, respectively:

  • on a barge in Paris, in about 1900 – a verismo (cf Cav & Pag) story of jealousy ultimately revealed from beneath a cloak (Il Tabarro);
  • in a nunnery, ostensibly in the 19th century, though it felt more eighteenth and the costumes wavered as to their precise era – an aristocratic nun signs her estate and kills herself on being told that her son (the cause, 7 years ago of her confinement to the convent) died 2 years earlier (Suor Angelica); and
  • 1299, Florence, a smart operator colludes with disappointed relatives in changing a will in their favour, but also favours himself (Gianni Schicchi).

I had never seen them before.  I can remember my mother telling me the story of Gianni Schicchi in particular, probably just after she had seen it, so it was rather nice to discover that this was still the original production, from 1973.

I also couldn’t help wondering whether both the second and the third operas raised questions which could either have been fixed up by or have given grounds for a Family Provision Act application.

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