A Hot Ticket

Last night D and I went to see Andre Previn’s operatic adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire.  The production is booked out. I agree with Peter McCallum’s view that the opera does not really manage to add much to the play.  The cast was a strong one, though there is something about Yvonne Kenny’s slightly 78-rpm vibrato which by the end of the night tends to grate on the ears, and Teddy Tahu-Rhodes’ much-vaunted pecs are, from the front row at least, simply too much.

Two topical notes

  1. Between Friday and Saturday, presumably in preparation for APEC, all garbage bins had been removed from the Opera House forecourt.
  2. Walking back along the Tarpeian Way after the performance, D and I noticed a large party going on in the Toaster.  When we passed a telephoto-equipped paparazzo, we guessed it must involve somebody famous.  We were almost right: apparently, Sarah Ferguson was in town for the birthday party of her sister, Jane Makim/Luedecke/Ferguson.

One Response to “A Hot Ticket”

  1. James Farrell Says:

    I hadn’t managed to decide whether to go along to this, and I’m still dithering.

    By the way: Thanks for the comment on my Barbiere review at Club Troppo. I only just discovered it (your comment), as the ‘Recently Comments’ feature was switched off for a while. I enjoyed your review of that piece too, and I’m pleased you mentioned that Jose was truly playing his guitar – which settles a bet I had.

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