The Circuit

I have been following The Circuit on SBS TV.  There was some hint tonight that there may be a second series.

They have packed so many plots into the present series that I wonder if they will have anything left for another.

One sub-plot hasn’t pleased everyone. 

Two comments from the comments section of the program’s website:

25 July 2007

Tom says:

I reckon that the circuit is the best aussie drama i’ve seen so far im shame that i missed the first episode but anyway.. the show entails a variety of issues and i like how they are widespread throughout the community. i dont mean to be critical or anything but last episode revealed a gay couple which obviously grossed some viewers out including me. What exact point of view were you trying to get across by including a same sex relationship on the show? I suppose whatever inspired this theme was discussed and you have a vital reason for broadcasting that certain homosexuality theme on the show but i am sure you are trying to cater for everyone but remember, that community is the minority not the majority. By the way it’s believed that because of the gay couple the screens are polluted. This is obscene and uncalled for, they may have their reasons but before criticising the show, researching why this was broadcasted would be vital to understanding the show without being disappointed.

25 July 2007

Rod says:

I first watched the circuit a few weeks ago and was quite impressed with this credible piece of Australian drama. However, I watched the show last sunday and was dissappointed to see the introduction of two characters involved in a gay relationship. Firstly, why do you have to polute a credible drama with an overt and unrealistic gay theme? Secondly, I have lived in these communities and the prospect of a white european male and an indigenous male becoming involved in a relationship is so obscure or unlikely that it should not even be considered in the plot of your series. Thirdly, please remember that gay/lesbians only represent 2% of the population. That means 98% of the population are likely to prefer that their TV screens are not polluted with this sort of behaviour.


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