Two months – review

Yesterday marked 2 months since I first set up this blog.  In fact, it was not until 16 May, when Ninglun cunningly tracked the blog down (in response, I think, to a hint I had laid) that I had my first reader apart from myself.

WordPress tells me at the time of writing the following:

Total Views: 2,129

Best Day Ever: 83

Like every blogger, I reflect on what exactly it is that attracts views, even though these do not mean that the person viewing actually read the contents.

Topical posts 

My most-viewed site remains, by a long chalk, History Boys and Miranda. This was my first palpable “hit.”

For a long time Miranda remained responsible for my “Best Day Ever.” That best day was only matched recently when I posted Pedophile monster knee-jerk reaction concerning charges brought against Geoffrey Leonard and surpassed shortly after when I posted The aboriginal “crisis” and the Commonwealth’s response.  

The Leonard post was about a hot topic, although I don’t think that particular case had gained any special attention or has since.  The post on the “aboriginal crisis” rode a wave of internet discussion on a current topic.  Each of these posts’s “views” still falls far short of my Miranda moment of extremely modest fame. 

Perennial favourites

As everybody knows, sex is the thing. My two leading posts in this area are Pussy porn (a misleadingly-titled bid for views based on a picture of my cat) and Never fall in love with a prostitute.

Posts which include the word “gay” attract some search-directed views, especially if that is in the title, such as Are you gay? Can you prove it?. However, my earlier and linked post related to that, Humayun, in which I collected a number of not readily available materials about the case of a claimant for refugee status who had been in the news at the time, has not.


Obviously I must be a bit of a web-tragic. I continue to be surprised at the incuriosity of readers (which I think goes beyond the distinction between readings as views), measured by the extreme rarity of (to use a word which I owe to Ninglun) “outclicks.” I have learnt that if you want to make a point, you probably have to paste the relevant content into your own post. I am not sure if anyone has followed up the links on Never fall in love with a prostitute which illustrate that post in concrete terms, or bothered to read the decidedly bizarre case (admittedly, the bizarre aspect is buried at paragraphs 64 and 65 and following, but I did give a hint) to which I linked in Woof!.

Keeping it all in proportion

I estimate my committed readership at 5, or possibly 6. My ears may need to tremble for a while yet. Blogging must be its own reward.

6 Responses to “Two months – review”

  1. Legal Eagle Says:

    As I’ve said previously, it took me about a six months to get readers who weren’t friends or family. So, you’re doing pretty well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jim Belshaw Says:

    So Legal Eagle, Neil and I are 3 out of your 5 or 6 readers! I actually think that you have a few more.

    Seriously, and from my experience, half a dozen readers is not bad.

  3. Daniel Says:

    Keep in mind that people who blog usually have thirty to fifty blogs that they visit and comment on. Long, involved posts or those that are too highly specialised tend to be off-putting.

    The first year is the worst!

  4. ninglun Says:

    Yes, Jim, but I am #1! :) I would guess I could count my regulars on my fingers as well… But there are a lot of blow-ins, and as time goes on search engines deliver people from the oddest places, and sometimes for even stranger reason than gay + pussy + porn + Australia + melons — which I just tried, but I am sorry to say you don’t get into the top twenty yet…

    Seriously, Marcel, this is a good blog. I hope you are enjoying it too.

  5. marcellous Says:

    Thanks all for your kind comments.

    Daniel, you are right about long posts. I know I am inclined to go on at length. Sometimes that is because I want to dig out some point which, especially if it is a legal one, will be buried in some fairly wordy source materials and often complex facts. If “views” were everything, I suppose I could just divide some more complex posts into a series of short ones.

    Ninglun, actually I am number 3 today on “gay + melons.” Perhaps that is a rather counter-intuitive search, as is the one you tried, if not more so. I’m also number 3 for “fall in love with a prostitute.” It’s telling that I regularly receive views from that or very similar searches.

    I’m not sure if I will last the first year. D is complaining about the time I spend on this. He feels he has become a “blog widower” (my phrase rather than his).

  6. Jim Belshaw Says:

    Do not let, D discourage you. Get him his own blog! Seriously, if under pressure drop back to less frequent if still regular posts. You and Legal Eagle between you are now part of me learning inventory!

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