Small world

Yesterday in the lift, a colleague effusively hailed a man who I soon realised to be Barry Toomey QC.  I recalled and confirmed with him that he was the father of Patrick Toomey. 

In 1981 I had a small part in a University of Sydney English Department production of an obscure Tudor playlet titled A Pretty Interlude called Nice Wanton (you need to scroll down a bit on this link).  This and other interludes were written for boy actors, similar to those whose popularity in the town (topically referring to the situation a generation or so later) was said by Rosencrantz in Hamlet 2.2 to have driven the players to go on tour.

I played Worldly Shame and Patrick was Barnabas. I had to wait in the audience at the back of N395 for practically the whole duration of the play (thankfully, not long) and then spring up to the stage, denounce the wantonness of the behaviour of Barnabas and his sister and finally give their mother a knife to kill herself (a directorial inference by David Lawton). You can see a modern adaptation of the play, where my character is renamed “Social Shame” here: Social/Worldly Shame’s part is confined to the last three frames of page 5. You will gather from all this that Patrick had more of a starring role than I did.

Barry told me that Patrick is now an actor in London.  I asked him to pass on my regards.

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