Pussy porn


This is our cat.  We call him “The Monster.”  I was given him as a kitten by a man I met at the Midnight Shift who led a rather unsettled life and couldn’t keep him so brought him round on the train in a canvas shopping bag.  He is now 10 years old.

He was desexed when he was about a year old, but from time to time there have been manifestations of sexual behaviour towards various soft furry-ish objects.  Recently, after a break of some years, this has started again.  I have no idea what has triggered this.  I have governed my distaste on being satisfied (on the basis of observation) that there is no risk of any actual ejaculate.  Nevertheless, he seems to be aware we are not keen on this behaviour, and will desist guiltily if interrupted.

If you accuse me of making a cheap bid to increase my hits with the title of this post, I may have to plead guilty.  In my defence, that is what I have always called this picture.

13 Responses to “Pussy porn”

  1. ninglun Says:

    How were the stats this morning? Did your pussy attract attention? Was your spam count up?

  2. marcellous Says:

    No jump in stats – either these words are just too common, or this blog is just too obscure.
    My spam count was almost as low as I suppose The Monster’s sperm count to be.

  3. Mitchell Says:

    Marcel, that cat gave me the creeps.

  4. marcellous Says:

    In the Monster’s defence, I think that says more about you than about him. Anyway, aren’t you a dog person?

  5. Legal Eagle Says:

    My parents’ dog was also desexed but has occasional disturbing bursts of sexuality, which generally culminate in him running off with a cushion, or on one hilarious occasion, my sister’s large stuffed kangaroo. (My sister was crying, “He’s deflowering kanga!” in horror while the rest of the family laughed until they cried…)

  6. Mitchell Says:

    Point taken.

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  13. Eric Says:


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