Gerhard Oppitz – codetta

I don’t always agree with what Harriet Cuningham (the SMH’s second string music critic) says, but I did like this final paragraph of her review of the Mostly Mozart concert which I attended last week.

“Oppitz has many talents: his biography says that he speaks seven languages and is a qualified pilot who flies himself to concert engagements in Europe. Knowing this, and after hearing him play Mozart and Beethoven, it is easy to imagine him making reassuring in-flight announcements of the “we’ll be cruising at 30,000 feet” kind. You know you’ll get there with Oppitz Air.”

I think this neatly sums up the sense of competence and experience which Oppitz exudes when he plays.  I was trying to make a similar point when I talked about Oppitz not being a flamboyant player and the performance being about the music rather than the performer, but Ms Cunningham has said it much better.

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