Tasmania in September

宁论 has started a new topic, which will doubtless crop up in conversation over the next few months for people living in Sydney: where do you plan to be when the APEC meeting comes to Sydney in September?  All sorts of dire predictions have been made concerning the disruption which will be caused.  A public holiday has been declared and we are all being encouraged to leave town for that weekend.

I plan to be in Tasmania.  I was already tempted to go to hear Stephen Hough play with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.  Of course, normally I would never go so far for a concert, no matter how much I admire Hough as a pianist or a person. The public holiday, plus an offer of accommodation from an old friend who now lives in Battery Point, was the clincher. 

D and I will fly down to Hobart on the Thursday afternoon, and return at a relatively civilized hour on Monday morning.  Neither of us has been to Tasmania before.

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