Weasel words (or: Meanwhile, back in Gulgong…)

Meanwhile, back in Gulgong…

a nurse has been given the sack.  It seems she is getting too old, is only capable of light duties, and they don’t want a nurse who can only do light duties.  That’s my summary, anyway, of:

http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/05/12/1178899161429.html .


The Greater Western Area Health Service says:

“We have come to an agreement with Miss Morton but we are legally bound not to talk about the detail of that agreement.”

What’s the betting that any term of confidentiality, though cutting both ways, was in fact inserted at the behest of the Greater Western Area Health Service?

One Response to “Weasel words (or: Meanwhile, back in Gulgong…)”

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    […] I last posted about this town (and here), the hospital has closed. There is a kind of clinic being constructed to replace […]

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