My home


Is a terrible mess at present.   It is full of junk which I should get rid of, including: 

  1. my youthful collection of vinyl, mostly from Ashwoods, a Sydney institution which in the years when I frequented it was at the unfashionable end of Pitt Street and sold second-hand books and records.  It has now moved to opposite the Queen Victoria Building on York Street but, oddly enough, is still close to a sex shop.  As I now never use my ancient and wow-and-fluttery turntable, this collection is an utterly inutile relic;
  2. my youthful collection of books  – there are some I have read, but many others I have not read, which is why I still have them.  I have boxed them up and keep meaning to ring 2MBS FM to ask them to take them away, but never seem to get around to it.
  3. an enormous and tatty collection of sheet music and teaching materials from my now utterly abandoned life as a musician and music teacher.  I just can’t seem to let go of them.
  4.  old clothes which:
    1. I am too fat to wear but fondly imagine I might fit into again;
    2.  I imagine I will mend (principally, socks);
    3. are hoarded against the return of some winter when I might wear them.
  5. various obsolete bits of computers which I scruple simply to throw out but can never get around to finding a means of recycling.
  6.  a filing cabinet full of bits of paper which I can’t let go of.  Waiting for my biographer (as if)!
  7.  all sorts of other junk which I imagine I might need again and fear I would be too poor to purchase afresh if I needed to replace it.
  8. all of D’s stuff, which is not stuff which I should get rid of, but some of which I rather wish he would.  Anyone want a table-mounted industrial sewing machine?  He has two.  He also has a habit of retrieving objects left out on the side of the road. 

The messiness is because I don’t tidy it up much and because D (with whom I live), who used to, is now too busy.  Today, however, I unclogged the wheels on the vacuum cleaner head, he vacuumed, so things have improved, on the cleanliness front if not the tidiness one.  I also had an exciting time using some rather fierce drain unblocking chemical to unclog the fine holes in the coffee receptacle for the espresso machine, and filled up our garden refuse recycling bin for tomorrow’s collection.

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