A beginning

It is customary to say something about oneself.  I think I will leave the process of disclosure to the accretion of future entries, though I might as well announce my particular interests.  These are, in no particular order: law, music, opera, gay issues, and China.  I am forty-something, and live in Sydney.

The title of the blog is arbitrary, save that it is a burr which has stuck in me from my literary education.  You can google it if you wish.  For good measure, I have pursued the association in my username, allowing for one of my most frequent typing errors.

8 Responses to “A beginning”

  1. ninglun Says:

    Sprung! Don’t worry, the secret is safe until you are ready for reciprocal links and so on. Like the name. The content will certainly be of interest.

  2. Legal Eagle Says:

    I like your blog, Marcellous. (Is it appropriate to say that your blog is “Marvellous”?) Very interesting.

    I wouldn’t mind linking to your blog, but I’m guessing from Ninglun’s comment above that you are not sure about links yet?

  3. marcellous Says:

    Legal Eagle: links are fine now. I thirst for fame, despite the origin of my blog title (which does indeed have something to do with “Marvellous”).

  4. maxiewawa Says:

    Very cryptic…

  5. Pygmalion Says:

    I see you do follow China/Tibet issues. I wonder… there is so hard to get relevant independent information, between two extremes, PRC and Dalai Lama exile government. Can you recommend me any good sources? My e-mail is on disposal.

  6. catlover311 Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please take a look at 306, a gay short film, written, directed & produced by Melbourne born film maker Elliot London.
    Please would you post it on your website and/or share it with your friends.
    Warning: adult minded. http://vimeo.com/32775696

    Thank you


  7. Alicia Says:

    Hi, I would love to see more pictures of your childhood in West Pymble. I am putting together a historical display for West Pymble Public School’s 50th Anniversary. Did you by chance attend WPPS?

    • marcellous Says:

      I did, but I left to go to Artarmon at the end of 4th class.

      Do they still sing a school song which starts” Work, work and smile/Make this the rule/For each and for all at West Pymble School”?

      If you have the words but not the music, I could furnish the latter. It was written by Marjorie Lukins, parent at the school and also my first piano teacher.

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