Drug seizures and arrests in Australia


On Friday, the Australian Crime Commission  released statistics showing that drug seizures were down , but that arrests are up – almost 80,000 in the last year.  This was reported in (for example) the West Australian and the Sydney Morning HeraldAt least The Age wrote its own story.We also saw the minister for Justice and Customs, David Johnston, on the evening news programs spruiking the same story. 

I am massively skeptical of the reporting of such matters, especially where all the figures are compiled and presented by prohibitionists and the stories are obviously written straight from the press release.  The elephant in the room is the statistics about drug use generally, which suggest that, notwithstanding the official line, an enormous number of people consume drugs, and that it is only an absolute lottery as to who actually gets caught.  Exemplary justice (the worst kind) is then visited on them.


I haven’t read the report in detail yet, but the one figure which did jump out at me was that there were more than 20,000 drug arrests in Queensland: a far higher per capita rate than any other state or territory.

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